Introduction: IoNeeds will be internet of your needs!

It’s the first post of our open IoT project; IoNeeds. Let’s start making IoT open source!

IoNeeds project is accepted for Eclipse Open IoT Challange. We have received goods which we purchased from adafruit using gift certificate. (Thanks to Eclipse) So we started to work for realizing the project. In this post, I will be explaining you the content and architecture of IoNeeds – internet of needs project.

The main purpose of IoNeeds is to provide people the internet of their needs. IoNeeds will work by integrating with your needs’ box or jar, and will fulfill your needs connected with using sensors.

What kind of needs?
They are needs which can be ended in your daily-life like legumes, spices in your kitchen or like fasteners in your workplace. Usage areas are unlimited, if there is your need here and you want to automate it, you can use IoNeeds for it.

How it will be automated?
For automated running of your IoNeeds, you can specify rules for each device seperately. Rules work for integrating your needs to other services or smart devices.

Firstly, we will realize our project on a pair of jars. Measurements will be performed by using sensors which we will set up on jars’ lid. Data including temperature, humidity, light and fullness will be collected over sensors. Then, these sensor data will be sent to hub device which is connected to internet. Finally, hub device will send all collected data to cloud. When cloud receives a data, defined rules for this device will be triggered. There will be a rule manager software on cloud and user can add/remove rules for each devices. I’m planing to code it using PHP & mySQL, I will share it as open source. (Later, I am planing re-code it in python.) The most important feature of the rule manager is that makes possible connecting mqtt with IFTTT: rules can be trigger a recipe on IFTTT. It means, you can integrate your IoNeeds device with tens of smart products and web services. You can do this with zero code knowledge; preparing rules on rule manager is enough. As an additional feature of rule manager, Rule manager can purchase the need on an e-commerce website. (I will show a demo about this using an API which I will write it for OpenCart.) So, scenerios like “If amount of the rice in the jar is under 30%, order a pocket of rice on web.”, “If temperature of tomato paste in the jar is over 15C, tweet me “Probably tomato paste is outside the refigrator,it will go bad!” will be real thanks to our rule manager. IoNeeds will be always ready for integrating your work & home ecosystem!

We’re planning to use Nimbits to visualize and log incoming sensor data (temperature, humidity, light, fullness) from mqtt. Nimbits is a professional open source tool that enables logging, visualizing and accessing to the stored data. I set up nimbits on our own servers to use it.

If I provide information about the hardware structure, there will be sensors on the jar lids. Atmega382p as microcontroller and Bluetooth as device-hub communicator will be used in IoNeeds devices. In the hub, there will be a Raspberry Pi which connected to internet using WiFi. As a cloud server, we will use our own server. Website, rule manager, mqtt, nimbits and other applications will be run on our Linux Debian server.


As a result, this summarizes architecture of our IoT application.

Please tell us your ideas using comments. See you in other IoNeeds blog posts. We will be with you soon!

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