IoNeeds Jar Lid Prototype: Sensors and Communication

Hello everyone, we will talk about first part of our project. We started with prototyping the jar lid which measures fullness, temperature, humidity and light. It also sends collected data to Bluetooth in every 10 seconds.



In the jar lid; we have;
– Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
– DHT22 Humidity & Temprature Sensor
as sensor per one jar.

We measure the distance between jar lid and the upper limit of product in the jar using ultrasonic distance sensor. Depth of the jar is known. So we calculate the percentage of fullness of the good in the jar.

We made an prototype using breadboard and we tested the sensors we will use in this project. Ultrasonic distance sensor, LDR, humidity and temperature sensors worked together perfectly and then we post the data by using Bluetooth. Data is sent in JSON format because of significant start/stop characters and providing a good structure to data. We can monitor the data on Arduino’s Serial Monitor as you can see.


It’s the sample data of jar lid module;


HC-05 Bluetooth Module was wired to Atmega328P’s UART communnication pins and started to send sensors’ data in JSON format. It is working perfectly! Next, we will connect it to Raspberry Pi for sending data to cloud server for data acquisition and posting to MQTT server.

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