Collecting data to IoNeeds hub and sending it to cloud and MQTT

Hello IoNeeds lovers! Today, we worked on connecting IoNeeds modules to IoNeeds hub using Bluetooth, in addition to this, we tested sending data to cloud and MQTT using Eclipse paho-mqtt. Let’s see how we’re doing!


As you we said, we are trying collect data from jar modules (IoNeeds modules) using sensors and send it to IoNeeds hub. IoNeeds hub is a Raspberry Pi module and it sends recevied data from bluetooth to MQTT and cloud server. I set up the nimbits server on our cloud server. Nimbits is a comprehensive data acquisiton software which logs and analyzes the data, we will examine it in next posts.


We can receive data from Atmega328p with HC-05 Bluetooth module. On Raspberry pi, there is a USB Bluetooth Dongle for pairing with IoNeeds jar modules. As a result, we can handle the received data, send it to cloud server and sent it over MQTT with Eclipse paho-mqtt. Of course, we used python for all these process. Paho-mqtt for MQTT and urllib2 for sending cloud data are working perfectly on Raspberry Pi Model B.

We are using our VPS server for MQTT, Nimbits and other requirements. The data isn’t sharing with thirt party servers, all of it is on our hands.

It’s Raspberry Pi’s terminal screen;


It’s MQTT subscribing test for device0’s topics;


We will collect data from MQTT to handle it on rule manager and connect IoNeeds jars to IFTTT.

Let’s have a look for Nimbits cloud panel; you can see sensor data analyzes (temperature and humidity as example) of IoNeeds jar module on Nimbits. It also runs on our server.


Next, we will analyze all of these parts in-depth. See you soon and stay tuned!

6 thoughts on Collecting data to IoNeeds hub and sending it to cloud and MQTT

  1. Good work! You have a good architecture. Will you share sources of the project?

    1. Thank you for your quick comment @Brandon; of course we will share all of the source including PCB desings, source codes and server installations. Stay tuned in!

      1. Hello Sir, I am working on similar project .Please share the related implementation data as eearly .it will be helpful for me.

    1. Hey, nothing special. Just follow instructions on nimbits web site. You can try on a virtual machine by VirtualBox or on a smalll droplet on DigitalOcean. Good luck 🙂


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