Detailed review of IoNeeds Cloud data acquisition platform: Nimbits

After a long break from our last blog post, we have tidied up our project and now we’re making last integratings about IoNeeds. Today, I want to explain Nimbits service which we’re using it as cloud data acquisition platform in IoNeeds project. It’s an open source project, it can be used on free public cloud ( or on your own server like http://your.ip:8080. In IoNeeds project, we installed Nimbits platform to our own servers. The good point that there is no limitation about sending sensor data, reporting and storing if you’re using your own server. Also your data is on your hands, because it’s yours!

First, you can lookup the blog post about how can we collect the data and how can we send it to cloud. Now, we will review Nimbits platform’s functions and usage.

In main page of nimbits service, there is a folder-based structure. Data collecting and analyzing functions are processing on “data points”. I have created each data point for each sensor data. Also I have grouped devices as folders.


As you can expect, nimbits has standard cloud data analyze functions like data graphs, importing/exporting data, API access of the data.. etc.

Such as, if you double-click on a data point, you will see the data point’s graph.


Now, I will explain about impressive functions of nimbits.

First, you might notice that, there is green/red LED’s with data points’ names. We can define low and high values of the data point. Than  the LED indicates the status of the data point according to last data is low/high.


Using this function, we can decide how is the system going and monitor the data using this alert LED’s easily.

Another function of nimbits, data points aren’t only for colleting data from out sources. We can perform calculations from our data points and than collect them on another data point. The calculation funciton has wide range of operations as *, +, -, *, /, ^, %, cos, sin, tan, acos, asin, atan, sqrt, sqr, log, min, max, ceil, floor, abs, neg, rndr.

Let’s create a scenerio and make the solution using calculation function of nimbits; Our IoNeeds jars have to be together. So we want to monitor them if they are together or not. If not, we want to see an indicator on our cloud console. As a simple solution, if we check the environment data of jars are so much different, we can say that they aren’t together.

I have created a new data point as “proximity_control over temperature” and I created a calculation between device0_temperature and device1_temperature as x-y. Every data collecting on device1_temperature; nimbits will calculate the difference of both jars’ temperatures and write it to our new data point.



After this, we can set alert limits of “proximity_control over temperature” data point. I have specified it as “2”. So if there will be 2 degree celcius temperature difference between device0 and device1, it will indicate as RED and we can understand that jars aren’t together.


As a result, I am recommending Nimbits instead of other poor cloud data services. Also as you might guess, I experienced so much about Nimbits, if you have any trouble or if you want to install nimbits to your server, feel free to contact me, I can help you and I will be glad to share my experience wih you.

Stay tuned in, we’ll continue!

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