We’ve got the second prize!

With an exciting e-mail from Benjamin, we got the news that we won the second prize of Eclipse Open IoT challenge!

Thank you all our supporters and followers who ask questions and motivate us on this Eclipse Open IoT Challenge journey! I need to quote especially thanks to Eclipse IoT team and Benjamin Cabe from Eclipse.

Runner-up: Emir Ercan Ayar and team, for the IoNeeds project

IoNeeds allows to turn your jar (yes, that antique device used to store rice, flour, and what not) into a connected object able to automatically let you know when it is empty, and possibly place online orders for you. You should really have a look at what they did – they even documented how to create your own PCB for the jar monitoring device!

This is a very complete project and I think I will probably try to replicate it myself :smile:. I do hope Emir and Utku will take the idea further, and maybe do a Kickstarter some day!


If you’re wondering what prizes we won, as you can see Benjamin’s post; our team win $500, a full MicroEJ license and 2 Cortex-M4 development boards.

We’ll continue maintaining and developing the IoNeeds solution as a hobby project and go further a bit more.

Take care for now,

Emir & Utku

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