IoNeeds, namely “Internet of needs” is an open source internet of things project for management and automation of your needs. It’s developing by Emir Ercan Ayar and Utku Olcar.

The main purpose of IoNeeds is to provide people the internet of their needs. IoNeeds will work by integrating with your needs’ box or jar, and will fulfill your needs connected with using sensors.

What kind of needs?
They are needs which can be ended in your daily-life like legumes, spices in your kitchen or like fasteners in your workplace. Usage areas are unlimited, if there is your need here and you want to automate it, you can use IoNeeds for it.

How it will be automated?
For automated running of your IoNeeds, you can specify rules for each device seperately. Rules work for integrating your needs to other services or smart devices.

What are you exactly doing?
We are developing internet of things applications and we love to make it as open source! This project recognized for Eclipse Open IoT Challange. After end of the challange, we want to continue and share our IoT experiences by using IoNeeds.

Here we are!

Emir Ercan Ayar

Istanbul Technical University
Control and Automation Engineering

Utku Olcar

Bahcesehir University
Mechatronics Engineering