We’ve got the second prize!

With an exciting e-mail from Benjamin, we got the news that we won the second prize of Eclipse Open IoT challenge!

Thank you all our supporters and followers who ask questions and motivate us on this Eclipse Open IoT Challenge journey! I need to quote especially thanks to Eclipse IoT team and Benjamin Cabe from Eclipse.

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Auto-Purchase and IFTTT custom API with MQTT Bridge Rule Manager v1.0 are ready now!

Hi IoNeeds lovers! In this post, I will explain about bridging MQTT with URL and e-mail triggering. It’s the most excited topic of our project and we have completed it successfully. Now, we can use auto-purchase function of IoNeeds smart jars with defining rules which we want. Such as, “If fullness value of the jar is less than 20%, auto-purchase this product from site.com.” Also we can connect our smart jars to hundreds of smart devices and social services over IFTTT. Moreover, we have made the whole source code is open on github! So you can use the bridge and you can provide same functions to your product freely. Let’s have a look for details.

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Detailed review of IoNeeds Cloud data acquisition platform: Nimbits

After a long break from our last blog post, we have tidied up our project and now we’re making last integratings about IoNeeds. Today, I want to explain Nimbits service which we’re using it as cloud data acquisition platform in IoNeeds project. It’s an open source project, it can be used on free public cloud (http://cloud.nimbits.com) or on your own server like http://your.ip:8080. In IoNeeds project, we installed Nimbits platform to our own servers. The good point that there is no limitation about sending sensor data, reporting and storing if you’re using your own server. Also your data is on your hands, because it’s yours!

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Introduction: IoNeeds will be internet of your needs!

It’s the first post of our open IoT project; IoNeeds. Let’s start making IoT open source!

IoNeeds project is accepted for Eclipse Open IoT Challange. We have received goods which we purchased from adafruit using gift certificate. (Thanks to Eclipse) So we started to work for realizing the project. In this post, I will be explaining you the content and architecture of IoNeeds – internet of needs project.

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